DayZ Arma 2 mod Alpha

This open-world survival game has you seeking resources to use against zombies and other players

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    Arma 2 mod Alpha

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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DayZ is a multiplayer game that drops you into a wasteland ravaged by zombies, equips you with a few tools and challenges you to see how long you can survive. DayZ started off as a mod software modification for military simulator Arma II. It uses the same mechanics as Arma II but offers players minimal gear to survive and the game's vast open world.


Your primary objective in DayZ is to survive. The game's zombies are fast, fierce and agile. They'll pursue you over large distances and your gunfire only draws more of them. Dispatching zombies with a blunt object helps to keep the attention away from you, but the zombies can close distances fast and can easily evade your swings.

Food and clean water are essential to your survival in DayZ, and you'll need to scavenge for them and other resources in order to survive. Cities offer you scavenging opportunities, but zombies flock to them both day and night. The game use's Arma II's day/night cycle and things can get ugly after dark as your visibility is limited.

DayZ features a ton of customization and a healthy amount of crafting. You can collect items to items to craft everything from purified water and food items to radios and tools. Customizing your character is vital to your survival. For example, bigger backpacks enable you to hold more items and vest offer you protection against enemies.

DayZ primary game modes consist of player vs environment and player vs player. Resources are typically more abundant in player vs environment games, as players team up to battle zombies and opposing parties. In player vs player games, resources are usually scarce and player attempt to dispatch other players in order to collect their goods.

Art and Sound

Because Dayz was built from Arma II's engine, it shares much of the game's beauty. However, it also share's Arma II's optimization issue. The game can be taxing computers fitted with mid and low-end components, but the graphics are beautiful. The textures look sharp in both full light and midnight.

DayZ's sound is crisp and environmental elements create an eerie ambiance, which is compounded by the chilling growls of zombies.

The Verdict

DayZ has been highly lauded for its immersive gameplay and environment. It's one of the best zombie simulators available. The gameplay is gritty and survival feel rewarding. Optimization issues keep some PC gamers from adopting the game. But DayZ is highly recommended if your system can run it smoothly.


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and sound
  • Large maps to wander for hours on end


  • Optimization issues rob performance

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